Our mission

top_image  The mission of our division is to provide comprehensive scientific instruction of medical microbiology, clinical immunology and infectious disease control to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students through rigorous coursework and advanced research opportunities. We provide an exceptional research environment including biosafety level 3 rooms and training courses for postgraduate students want to obtain Ph.D. degree. Researches underway in our department involve the maternal-fetal relationships and vertical infection control including HIV, influenza, rubella and other viral diseases, molecular epidemiology of pediatric viral infections including rotavirus, norovirus RS virus etc, in South East Asian countries. We also investigate diverse immunological topics such as molecular design of anti HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis vaccines based on prime-boost techniques, local immune responses in reproductive organs and digestive tract from oral cavity to rectum in relationships with medical/dental/gynecological disorders.


March 21, 2013
Website Launched